Chico Ray Cole

Chico Ray Cole(September 1976 – March 16, 2008)

Chico was born in Cortez, Colorado.  He moved to Taylor, Arizona in 1986, and then to Snowflake, Arizona in 1990.  In 1994, he moved to Flagstaff and became part of the Hozhoni Foundation.  Chico was a prolific artist who painted everything he loved.

Chico had an incredible unique vision of the world. He was able to project feelings and emotions and other human characteristics onto inanimate objects, often referring to them as “he” or “she”.  He was always thinking about his next creation.

Mr. Cole loved to draw and paint Chico horses, snakes, mountain lions, squirrels, dinosaurs, dragons, castles, fairies and mythological creatures.  There were also Chico cars, trains, ships, planes and boats, and he was especially fond of superheroes and Elvis.

Chico exhibited his work individually and in group shows.  His work has been collected by many people in the community.  A retrospective of his life’s work was exhibited at the Hozhoni Art Gallery in August and September 2008.