Edward Haswood


Self Portrait 2014Edward is a Native American artist born near Window Rock, Arizona. He is a member of the Navajo Tribe and is from the Towering House People Clan. Not being able to use the right side of his body requires Edward to use a wheelchair. Beyond this, he is blind in one eye and can only use his left hand. These disabilities make even the simplest drawings very difficult.

Edward’s skill levels as an artist are high enough that his portraits often access the deeper emotional qualities within himself. This ability to bring depth and honesty to his drawings and paintings make each of them highly unusual and beautifully unique. Edwards paints pictures from his past and captures snapshots of his Navajo culture, including the beautiful flora and fauna from near and far. His self-portraits tend to be fairly representational statements containing both the beautiful and tragic events of his life experiences.

Edward has exhibited his work locally and around the county and at the Smithsonian Portrait gallery.