Morgan Blackgoat


Morgan Blackgoat was born in 1966 in Lupton, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation. In 1999, Morgan joined the Hozhoni Foundation in Flagstaff, Arizona. He was one of its first full time clients to actively participate in the new art program. He quickly developed into one of its most promising artists. Morgan’s use of words combined with self-made diagrams and abstractions of shape give his art a sense of poetic surrealism that sets him apart from other Hozhoni artists. He is also credited with being Hozhoni’s first video artist and continues to excel with his video presentations. In 2008, Morgan was invited to show his movies at the national TASH convention (TASH, originally The Association for the Severely Handicapped, is an international leader in disability advocacy). In 2007, he started showing both his artwork and videos at the University of Northern Arizona where his popularity continues to grow to this time.

Morgan enjoys all aspects of art as it gives him the chance to express his innermost feelings about life. Although he has a natural tendency toward the abstract, his creativity has taken a towards more representational themes, where he has been using his own face and hands. With his non-objective styles and heavy reliance on words, Morgan creates art that tells detailed stories from his life and culture. One of the most interesting aspects to Morgan’s art is the hidden stories and humorous events he places within each painting and drawing he does, often he chooses to not verbalize these hidden events but keep them a silent part of his visual creations.